FTTA is the short for Fiber To The Antenna,FTTA is a broadband network architecture to connect the building base band unit (BBU) to the remote radio unit (RRU) at the top of the tower by using fiber optical equipments to replace all or part of the coaxial network. FTTA technology can greatly reduce the loss of signal power. And up to 20km’s maximum transmission distance helps realize centralized placement of base stations in lower-cost telecommunication rooms as well as more flexible and modularized network planning. FTTA is an innovative, flexible and future-oriented way to install the network.

SZOPT provides excellent FTTA solutions to reduce installation time and save the cost of installation and maintenance. We provide the whole set of equipment and technology supporting, include outdoor optic fibers, PDLC outdoor waterproof patch cords, terminal boxes, etc.


·         Ideal for outside cabling application

·         Low insertion/high return loss, steady optical transmitting.

·         IP67 protection, salt-mist proof, humidity proof, dust proof

·         Armored steel tape for rodent resistance

·         Easy Operation, reliable and cost-effective


Optical Characteristics:



Insertion loss

Single mode 

Typical value≤0.15dB;Maximum≤0.30

Return loss

≥ 60dB (APC); ≥ 50dB (UPC)

Mechanical Characteristics:




500 matings


Frequency: 10 to 55Hz,Amplitude: 0.75mm 

Cable retention

400N (main cable); 50N (connector part) 

Strength of coupling mechanism

80N for 2 to 3mm cable 

Cable torsion

15N for 2 to 3mm cable 


10 drops, 1m drop height 

Static lateral load

1N for 1h (main cable); 0.2N for 5min (ranch part) 


-25°C, 96h duration

Dry heat

+70°C, 96h duration 

Change of temperature

-25°C to +70°C, 12 cycles


+40°C at 93%, 96h duration 

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